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Ulysses - Complete Kit

3.45" x 3.45" wings

Price: $29.95
Ulysses Butterfly Complete Kit
Having a Ulysses butterfly to watch over you is like having a bright blue cloud hanging gently above your head on a sunny day.
   Fascinating Science Facts:

Papilio Ulysses, Australia and Indonesia

The Ulysses Butterfly is an iridescent blue-green butterfly that has black edges and a long "swallowtail" usually seen a natural posture showing its underside and is also known as the Blue Mountain Swallowtail, the Blue Emperor, and the Mountain Blue. The brilliant blue of this butterfly's wings makes it an unmistakably easily to recognize butterfly. Oddly enough this feature makes it hard for birds to catch them. Much like catching fireflies, the flashes of color are so distracting that the path of the insect is hard to predict.

Many subspecies of the Ulysses butterfly are found in upland tropical rainforest areas in North Ea stem Australia, Indonesian Islands, New Guinea Islands, the East Indies, Solomon's Islands, and other nearby islands. Australia has even made the papilio ulysses butterfly a protected species and used it as a symbol of tourism throughout Northern Queensland. Ulysses is one of the most vivid and largest of all the oriental swallowtails.

Flight is strong, controlled, and swift. It flies in woodland and open country with an undulating flight, drinking casually from flowers and puddles of water. The caterpillar feeds on Lemon, and Orange citrus trees and as an adult butterfly in the wild will feed on the new growth foliage of the following jungle trees: Glasswood, Yellow Evodia, Northern Euodia, Silver Ash, Kerosine Wood. Ulysses populations have recently increased in suburban areas due to the planting of its larval food pl ant.

During courtship the male flutters briefly above the female displaying his shimmering iridescent metallic-blue wings. Pairing takes place and usually lasts for 2 hours. If disturbed, the female will carry the male for short distances as he hangs beneath her. Males are intensely attracted to bright blue objects because they mistaking them for females from a distance as far as 30 meters. Collectors have exploited this by using a piece of blue paper or cloth to attract the butterflies to their nets.

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Price: $29.95
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