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Blue Morpho is the King of All Butterflies.


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  Q: How Do They Work?
Head (anterior)
Wire hyperextension stopper
Pivot of front and rear body sections
Hole for wire legs (or safety-pin)
Flat base of bug body
Tail (posterior)
Rear wing notch
Front wing notch
Nickel-titanium alloy wire "muscle"

Titanium Alloy Strength:
We use exclusive titanium wire "muscle" actuator technology.The titanium wire contracts when a small current is applied and relaxes when the current ceases. This acts like a real muscle tissue as it flexes and expands as needed.The butterflies use so little power they can be run continuously for pennies per week with out getting hot or becoming a fire hazard. While operating they make no noise whatsoever. There is no imitation.

Space Age Decoration:
Using space age technology they flutter their wings as though they were perched on a flower or branch while basking in the sunlight. Our products are designed to replicate the look and size of the real butterflies, dragonflies, and moths.

Natural titanium crystal with a bluish color. Wire "Muscle" and Mars:
The muscle-like wire that powers the wing motion is made from a corrosion resistant nickel-titanium (NiTi) shape memory alloy (SMA) known as nitinol or flexinol that's so reliable it was used by NASA engineers on the surface of Mars for conducting the Material Adhesion Experiment (MAE) during the Pathfinder-Sojourner Mission which landed on July 4, 1997. The wire that allows the butterflies to move is used in new miniature robotics technology products worldwide (and solar systemwide).

Amazing Fact:
The wire can lift thousands of times its own weight, as thin as a human hair, and has a breaking strength stronger that stainless steel.

Silent Calming Butterflies:
It only costs pennies a day to operate your electrical butterflies. They are completely silent providing a visually calming mood in your home and work atmosphere. The mechanical butterfly is completely safe and create no fire hazards. You can easily secure and display these lightweight sculptures virtually anywhere: on lamp shades, table tops, water fountains, computers, television sets, high above baby cribs, on headboards, cabinet tops, floral displays, mirrors, walls or basically anywhere you let your imagination go.

The artificial insects body has a hole running through it that you can easily put a safety-pin through for attaching it.

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