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  Rainbow Heart - Complete Kit
4.25" x 3.75" wings

Price: $29.95
Butterfly: Rainbow - For Kids Design
Electro-animated butterflies make an excellent gift for inspiring young children. Our products are loved by kids who enjoy rainbow colors and fun educational stuff.
   Fascinating Science Facts:

Double Rainbow Butterfly, United States

The rainbow electro-animated butterflies make an excellent gift for young children. Rainbows are for kids who love colors and fun stuff. New parents use them as baby gifts to fascinate and entertain their infants (install them far out of reach for safety purposes). Young people in particular enjoy the brightness of the wide spectrum of colors used and the lively constant fluttering motion that our butterflies bring to a setting. Our themes are butterfly rainbows for kids and adults alike. They are a great solution for those times when you need a unique gift delivered to someone special in a hurry and are an excellent solution for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate occasions.

The butterfly wing has all the colors of the rainbow with the natural wonder and beauty that goes along with it. The rainbow in butterfly form is also found on different things like butterfly tattoos, butterfly pictures, clip art as well as fantasy art. The many people that already have rainbow pictures or rainbow art will love our rainbow theme butterflies to add to their collection.

The actual cause of natural rainbows is from the refraction and reflection of sunbeams off water droplets in the atmosphere. On extremely bright and sunny days you may see several fainter, thinner rainbows outside/inside the primary bow and those are known as a double halo or supernumerary rainbow bows. The supernumerary colors and spacing between bows relates to the size of the rain drops in the atmosphere at the time. The smaller the drops, the larger the spacing between these bows.

In addition to supernumerary bows and halos/sunrings there are also sundog's/perihelia rainbows that have spectral colors orientated differently than main halo arcs and are present only on the left and right sides of the halo. The next most common rainbow phenomena is the upside down bow that can form on the top of the halo. Whenever people claim to see more than two rainbows they are usually describing supernumerary bows.

The rainbow theme butterfly wings can be interchanged with all other butterfly wings. Order the wings separately and interchange them. .

Common and Latin Name:
Price: $29.95
Price: $25.95
Price: $5.95
Price: $4.95
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