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    Madagascan Sunset - Complete Kit
4.30" x 3.90" wings

Price: $29.95
Moving Moth: Sunset Complete Kit
One of the most brightest and beautifully colored moths available is a silent electronic wing-flapping decor piece that has tapering tails with a hint of red.
   Fascinating Science Facts:

Urania Riphaeus, South America

The Madagascan Sunset moth marked with brilliant iridescent green, blue and red on a black background, with multiple different colors and tri-spiked tails. The Malagasy lepidoptera is a large moth that is active during the daylight hours unlike most moths. This moth's food plants are privet, rhododendron, Ailanthus. The Uraniidae family is Native to Madagascar and South America, and is one of the most colorful Lepidoptera, and a favorite on collectors lists.

Urania is one of the most colorful butterflies in the world, with the hind wing color of blue shifting as you change the angle of view into gold-green and then into gold and copper with bands of yellow. Pigmented scales have submicroscopic structures varied enough to reflect different wavelengths of the light spectrum. Instead of a hollow scale, the Urania have scales of thin sheets held apart by rods. An increase in the number of sheets and variation in the distance between them, plus the convex shape of the scale, cause reflection of different wavelengths at the same time, giving it a unique multicolored appearance.

Common and Latin Name:
Price: $29.95
Price: $25.95
Price: $5.95
Price: $4.95
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