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Perfect Butterfly Gift for the Home:
The Moving Butterflies make a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates nature. They are wonderful for business and home decorating. The butterflies make beautiful displays while providing a visually calming mood. They can be easily displayed on nearly anything, with over ten feet of thin electric cord and adjustable wire legs. Our moving butterflies are very easy to hook up and are a lot of fun in the process.

Easy Steps to Decorating with Butterflies:
These are some very easy steps to hook up the butterflies. First you simply take the butterfly out of the package make sure the wings are in the "up" position. Then take the tiny wire legs coming from the bug body and wrap the wires around an object.You can also use clear tape or a safety-pin to attach the butterfly legs or body in place. The butterflies are lightweight and will usual stay where they are securely attached. You can meticulously hide the wiring for best visual effect. For the last step, you just plug in the adaptor to any outlet or power strip. String along your add-on kits in this same manner and be as creative as you want when setting up beautiful multiple butterfly displays for your own home decor. If you have any trouble hooking up your butterflies please contact us for assistance. We assure you it is very easy and you shouldn't have any problems.

Ultimate Interior Decoration Item:
There is nothing like electronic moving butterflies for home improvement and home decorating. Once you place a few butterflies around you will enjoy putting them in other rooms. For a real impressive display, have multiple moving butterflies all in the same area. Each butterfly flaps its wings independently and it looks so realistic your guests will not believe their eyes. You can create your own butterfly oasis and garden using a combination of complete and add-on kits. You can place them on TVs, computers, lamp shades, silk flower arraignments, cabinets and just about any where your imagination can come up with or your interior design plans require. It is a lot of fun to hook them up and surprise your loved ones and friends when they come home . Their reaction is priceless when they think at first that a real butterfly has landed in their home. Our butterflies will keep your friends and family guessing if its real or not.

Calming Atmospheres for Busy Offices:
For office decor the electronic butterflies make a nice calming atmosphere for your employees and clients. They will enhance any reception area and entertain your customers. The butterflies will help relax people at your business and will provide the positive feeling of nature in an otherwise cold and dull room.

Professional Butterfly Decorating Assistance:
Our staff can assist you with any special display requests and ideas you have for office decor too. It is our pleasure to provide you with home decorating ideas for interior designs and general product information about using the moving butterflies. We have professionally set up many beautiful displays for businesses with different commercial applications. Please contact us for all your home decorating and business butterfly displays.
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