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Blue Morpho is the King of All Butterflies.


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Firefly Lights!
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Glass Etchings:
Two Seahorses Oval
Kokopelli Tribal Style
Palm Trees Island Sun
Two Dolphins Wave
Crouching Panther
Calla Lily Plant
Underwater Seascape
Art Deco Lady
Saguaro Desert Moon
  Glass Tables and Coffee Table Aquariums
Decorate your Lobby:
Partial rounded or fully rounded glass foyer tables make for an excellent accent to your reception room, entrance hall, or lobby. This unique glass coffee table is excellent for pool room and living room display purposes.

Aquarium or Terrarium:
Many of the tables are intended to bring you the look and feel of an aquarium without the hassle of one by placing a 2 gallon water bubbler in the background with semi-aquatic permanent botanicals on either side of the foreground (botanicals not included).

Fish Tank Aquariums: See Below
12 gallon coffee table (smoked glass top)
18 gallon foyer table (rounded sides)

Permanent Botanical Accents:
All of our wall mirrors, cascading water fountains, and glass tables look their best with permanent botanical floral's. However, they are not included. Add a touch of nature to accent an already relaxing glass decoration.

Glass Etching:
Where indicated we will include your choice of etching from any one of our ten standard designs for no additional charge, with the last option being "blank/no etching".

Grooved Glass:
When indicated the glass pane on the 2 gallon bubbler has parallel grooves instead of having an etching option.

Back-Lighted Bubblers:
A fluorescent light shines through the bubbling water and thus illuminates each rising bubble. Every bubble machine we offer hold two gallons of water. Use distilled water on the bubblers and the aquariums to prevent mineral deposits from forming on the inside surface of the glass and mirror panes. Every bubbler is pre-installed, ready to go, and rests on the back of the mirror frame. Water is not included.

Product Image:
Item Description:

Fully Rounded Etched Foyer Table

35" wide, 30" tall, 11" deep


Rounded Sides Etched Foyer Table

35" wide, 30" tall, 11" deep

(similar to above)

Grooved Rounded Sides Foyer Table

35" wide, 30" tall, 11" deep


Aquarium Foyer Table

35" wide, 30" tall, 11" deep
(18 gallon)


Contemporary Angled Foyer Table

35" wide, 30" tall, 11" deep


Coffee Table Aquarium

22" wide, 18" tall, 48" long
(12 gallon)


Coffee Table Bubbler

22" wide, 18" tall, 48" long
(smoked glass top)


Decorate Your Mirror with Butterflies:
Our bubbling water mirrors and other mirror products are engaging to watch and will enhance the look of any household or office environment. We recommend for added effect that you include from one to four elegant electronic butterflies to your glass wall hanging. Automatic moving butterflies based on actual butterfly species will bring a beautiful, realistic, and natural element to your unique mirror furnishing. Attaching them is easy and up to four butterflies can be conveniently powered from one AC adapter. This can be a fun project for you and your family to decorate together.

Shipping Details:
We take pride in our commitment to provide our customers with a quality product and excellent customer service. All items, must be shipped very carefully and some of the larger items even in a wood crate. Since all glass and mirror products are made to order you can expect delivery to occur in about 7-21 days for shipments sent within the continental United States and Canada.

Limited Warranty:
We offer a ninety-day limited warranty from the date of purchase for electrical components such as the air pumps and lights that come with all of the wall mirror bubble machines, water fountains, and glass tables. Even though it will be carefully packed if your order should somehow arrive broken please contact us immediately so that we can resolve the problem quickly.

International Deliveries:
Please contact us with the details regarding an order to a foreign country. That way we can confirm the exact shipping costs before placing your order. We are not responsible for any import taxes, tariffs, or customs agent fees that may occur for international shipments.

If you require more information please contact us to talk directly with one of our sales representatives.

Custom Glass:
If you need a larger water fountain than is offered here please email or call us with your request and we will get on it right away. We can custom create glass and mirror bubblers, water fountains, and candle holders of virtual any dimensions and we are happy to tailor to your specific design requirements. Our products are constantly improving because we continue to listen to customer suggestions (from people like you). We offer quality handmade glass interior furnishings with a flare for water elements. Our glass work has been produced and distributed since 1996 and has received the award for best booth presentation at the Dallas Gift Show in 1997. Email Us

Custom Etching:
If you have your own design please send it to us on a piece of glass of these dimensions: 15" x 22" x 1/4". The etching will show through this much space: 11" x 20". The sizes are the same for portrait or landscape the only difference is the orientation. Email Us

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