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  Dove Bird Babies Hatch from the Nest
There is a dove's nest just outside our door nestled up over a wood beam in the shade that I want to share with you. She didn't seem to mind the weed whacker or the door shutting/ opening. Pictures were taken between about June, 21 2003 thru to June 25, 2003 when they left the "roost".

Mother dove sits impatiently on her nest that has half fallen off the wood beam. After all the eggs and nest fell on the ground early last year's breeding season there was no guarantee she'd have success.

Amazingly mother dove's babies hatch. There are two and you can just see the freshness in their moist feathers.

The baby doves grew so fast they were born and off flying throughout the sky in just a few days. No kidding!

Finally both dove parents go off together and leave the dove babies behind for the afternoon on their second to last day before leaving the nest for good.

Father dove stretches his neck out to hear every peep while perched on top of the roof. He seems much thinner than is counterpart who is more bulbous.

Mother dove finally returns after leaving for the morning with the baby dove runt left in the nest alone.

Finally the runt learned to fly, in only one day after just sitting all the time and off they went. That was the last I saw of them. Maybe they'll be back next year.
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