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    Southern Dogface - Complete Kit
4.50" x 3.25" wings

Price: $29.95
Southern Dog Face Complete Kit
Yellow and black patches on the back of the dogface butterfly's wings looks strangely like a dog's head, thus you get name "dog face".
   Fascinating Science Facts:
Colias cesonia, Southern California

The Southern Dogface butterfly is primarily yellow with a small dark circle in the center of the forewing and brown margins with a solid black pattern on the wing ends. The male has a yellow silhouette of a dog's head on its wings. The female is usually entirely yellow with a black spot on the upper wings.

The California Dogface butterfly, South Dogface or Dog Head was designated the official State insect in 1972. It can be found (naturally) in California from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the coast ranges from Sonoma south to San Diego and lives in the open woods. The larval host plant is the false indigo bush, Amorpha fruticosa, a legume. This butterfly has a range that extends from the Canadian border through to South America. Males patrol open areas for females. During winter adults stay in reproductive arrest.
Common and Latin Name:
Price: $29.95
Price: $25.95
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Price: $4.95
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